Saturday, February 11, 2012


Posted for An Mayou (@perlygates)
for @dversepoets Poetics night

a small bullet hole
where the magic seeps in
when no one is looking this way

(c) copyright 2012 An Mayou. All rights reserved.


  1. Now that's the kind of bullet hole a person wouldn't mind!

  2. smiles...i like how something as potentially ugly as a bullet hole can make a place for the magic to come in...nice...

  3. This is appropriately cryptic and ambiguous and resonant-- thanks again for the wonderful prompt. xxxxj

  4. For it to be a haiku/senryu, it would need to be something like this:

    "a small bullet hole
    where the magic seeps in when
    no one is looking"

    I think this is about love, a "shot to the heart." And the way it creeps in when you're not looking or paying attention ... a gradual friendship-to-more kind of love.

  5. I like that image--jarring, with the danger and hint of death from the bullet hole and then the contrasting image of magic seeping in.

  6. This is poignantly lovely; reminds me a bit of Leonard Cohen's "a crack is to let the light come in" ... very nice.

  7. This image has left me speechlessly in awe !