Wednesday, May 27, 2015


 when crows find it simple
 to tell the truth
  stripped to a face
  with no skin,
  no room for fire -
  thing like a rag
  doused with gas
  and burning tire
    the camp whore
    tripped in an open
    pot of hot oil
    and survived
     he swam thru
     sewer shit to crawl 
     beyond the wire -
     we caught him picking
     pant legs from the barbs:
     blood sprinkled
     white dancing shoes
     when captain shot him
       mountain ash berries
       red as blood
       smelled like carrion,
       lasting a lifetime
        back home, he broke
        his wife's arm, made
        get rich quick schemes,
        and terrified the children

Copyright 2015 Charles David Miller All rights reserved 

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