Saturday, August 8, 2015


 I leave my body
 begging for crumbs
 in dust -
 bread not starved for,
 trials not faced -
 phantasms that seek shadow
 and light’s salvation 
  dead, they travel far -
  the light in their face
   bent wing,
   scream without sound,
   feathered flickers of hope
   scratching for evil seeds
   in broken shells
    left unattended
    forgotten, the not done
    out of hate, fear, laziness
     what bridge can't I burn?
     death I rule
       <\ring 🎶>
       call if you dare
        in my nightmare, the dog
        you left behind hangs lifeless
        in the brute's bared teeth

Copyright 2015 Charles David Miller All rights reserved 

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