Tuesday, April 23, 2013


  </land of never to be>
     The nightmare
     Born from
        I see a mirage
        In the desert heat
        It looks like me
         Speaking in the cool
         Breath soughed
         By palm trees
         Words as sweet
         As pomegranate seeds
             <בּת קול>

            </בּת קול>

bat kol (Hebrew בּת קול) - The voice of God, literally "daughter of a voice"
Copyright 2013 Charles David Miller. All rights reserved.


  1. Arrives like an insufflation; wonderful to read your work again.

  2. I have no words.

    Good god that's beyond great.

  3. Charles, I LOVE this. Enjoyed the inclusion of Hebrew, the artistic aspects of the presentation and so many layers. Now I've got to look up the Hebrew!

  4. Charles, so nice to hear your voice. I am having trouble commenting, but love the soughing of palms and the mirage that is me. The HEBREW is Greek to me but I hear Thalassa in my mind. (I know that's not right, but like the poem no matter!) Wonderful. k.

    ps - this is Karin Manicddaily, but blogger wants me to use an old identity k.

  5. I love all the layers to this, and the meanings beneath the words, so many images and thoughts swirl throughout, and it feels very pertinent to what is going on in the world today. Really nice.

  6. Lovely! I smiled because I can read the hebew :)

  7. Wow... so many layers here, and woven tightly too. I have the hunger for Eden too, well done!

  8. very cool...love the whole style of the poem, the inclusion of the signs...the mirage in the desert looking like you...great capture of that feel throughout...and so good to see you in the pub...big smiles

  9. The mirage that is you...wow~ interesting form you took here...almost like the pattern of desert sand tracks...good to see you, Chaz!

  10. this really strikes out in depth..cool presentation of words that are felt with each roll.



  11. what an interesting layering charles, merging modern foldering with modern poetic line breaks

    really liked, in the middle of the body of the work,

    "I see a mirage
    In the desert heat
    It looks like me"

    thanks so much charles, take care ;-)

  12. hey Chaz:

    I definitely think that the formatting lends a sense of transience:
    the Impermanence of the wilderness perhaps?

    I like the shapes created by the letters and edit: to my untrained eye
    almost an alien language or set of symbols evokes a kind of supernatural communication or code which I like in this context.

    The parenthesis in variation can suggest various interpretations
    and conceptual shaping to the words which offers extra food for thought. . . almost a conflict of meaning in the presentation

    which for me keeps each reading fresh
    and the whole is open, in a certain sense of flux
    or non concrete notion

    which, as I see it, also adds to the write.

    cheers Chaz

  13. I like this a lot. The inclusion of code is akin to removing a veil...the reader is getting an inside look.
    Mark Butkus

  14. i swear i commented on this yesterday....really cool on the structure charles...the creative delivery and the inclusion of the hebrew...kind text speak/coding....the crux for me though is...

    I see a mirage
    In the desert heat
    It looks like me

    the desert is a tough place to be...and seeing an illusion of yourself is an interesting play on finding yourself or even seeing who you were or will be....

  15. its good to see you are well man...

  16. Such an intriguing poem. I especially love "words as sweet as pomegranate seeds". Way cool format, too.

  17. I've read four times and each time, found a new focus as each layer stands on the next. Wonderful

  18. You melt ancient into modern beautifully.

  19. That's just amazing!

  20. We all dream of Eden...interesting poem that's for sure! I really loved the line words as sweet as pomegranates!