Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bat Limerick

There was a man who lost his hat
Blown off his head like a nervous bat
When he finally found it
He knew it would not fit
The hat had changed to fit the bat


  1. Poor man. I hope his head doesn't get cold. :) Peace, Linda

  2. Good too see you've penned another limerick.

  3. There was a young man of note
    who had dreams of girl swimmers afloat
    He entertained thoughts
    of their bodies quite taut
    and said'I'm going down under by boat'

  4. Sounds like something straight out of Doc Seuss -
    From Bartholomew Cubbins' caboose,
    Or the grandest gato
    With a grander chapeau.
    Either way you sure kept us bemused.

    1. and oh my how fuuny he'd look if he wore that...smiles.

  5. Watching all that was a certain cat
    Who fancied feasting on that bat
    But the bat heard a cry
    (Like the cat, he was sly)
    He vacated the hat to the cat.

    Couldn't resist as everyone else was playing. (ala Dr. Seuss)
    This was fun! Enjoyed it.

  6. In the ’50s they all wore hats
    Now they’re in closets with gnats
    Except if you’re bald
    You still wear them all
    Yet the ladies won’t give you a chat

  7. i was in the zoo in a room once, full with bats...and wish it had been hats...ha...i see you had some fun as well with the limericks...smiles

  8. Good fun! If a bat flew off with my hat I would be pissed!

  9. hmmm...that's too bad for the man.

  10. Oh no! It’s really quite batty
    to lose his good headgear like that. He
    must be so sad.
    When it sat on his head,
    he surely felt ever so natty.

  11. like the new layout by the way...

  12. LOL Reminds me of Pat and the Hatt ...
    RYN: So pleased you picked up on the meaning behind the tunes changing their reason, because that's exactly what I was trying to say with those lines. That different tunes/songs bring different memories and emotions as we hear them. Thanks for noticing :)

  13. Laffin--I've seen hats where wearing a bat would be a huge improvement, actually.